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1 A Prospective Study of Assessment of Blood Loss and Hemoglobin Changes During Emergency Lower Segment Caesarean Sectoin
Pawaskar Naresh T., Mallapur Ashalata, Hiremath Lalita
2 Comparison of Pain on Injection with Propofol 1% with Propofol (medium chain triglycerides: long chain triglycerides -50: 50) 1% and with Propofol 1% Injection after Pre-treatment with Lignocaine 2%.
Nishant R. Arora, Subodh S. Kamtikar
3 Evaluation of Cervicovaginal Smears The Bethesda System.
Ashwini B.J., Rajesh J. Para.
4 Drug utilization Pattern in ENT Outpatient Department of Government Medical College Hospital, Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India (A tertiary care hospital).
Shaikh A. K,, Kulkarni M. D., Baig M. S., Khandelwal P. N., Doifode S. M
5 Sexual Dimorphism of Frontal Sinus In Marathwada Region.
Vrushali P. Karadkhelkar, D. S. Joshi
6 Evaluation of Efficacy and Safety of Cervical Epidural Anaesthesia for Upper Extremity Procedures.
Tarkase A. S., Sirsat V.S., Chauhan S. D., Nikam G.K, Kulkarni A.G., Pachore P. J.
7 Study of Dermatoglyphics in Breast Cancer.
S. P. Fulari, M. M., Pirzade, Ashwini Jadhav
8 Study of Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology of Thyroid Lesion with Histopathological Correlation
Anuradha Shah, S. M. Kantikar
9 Effect of Oral Clonidine Versus Oral Diazepam as Premedication on the Extent and Duration of Sensory Blockade in Patients Receiving Spinal Anaesthesia with 0.5% Bupivacaine
Subodh S. Kamtikar, Alka R. Halbe
10 Reverse Palmaris Longus - A Case Report
Shashank Vedpathak, Santoshkumar Dope, Swati Belsare.
11 Fine Needle Aspiration Diagnosis of Carotid Body Tumor - A Case Report
Anjali. S. Kulkarni, Anjali. P. Ingle, Anil. R. Joshi, Rajan. S. Bindu
12 Pyrexia - Secondory to Right Atrial Myxoma.
Vikas Ratnaparkhe, Amit Bhangale
13 Bifid Plantaris - A Rare Case.
Ambekar S.A., Paranjape V.M., P. Vatsalaswamy
14 Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome
M. Tiwari, Pallavi P. Saple , Anilkumar Khamkar
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