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Vol -II | Issue 1 | Jan 2013

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1 Male Participation In Family Planning In An Urban Community Of Manipur
P. Romola, RK Ranjan Singh, Susmita Choudoury, Tana Natung, Shantibala K, H. Sanayaima Devi
2 A Study Of Intraoperative Complications During Planned Cataract Operation In Patients With Pseudoexfoliation
Shruti S Halkai, Anupama Taklikar, Raju Taklikar, Ambresh S Badad
3 Spectrum Of Natural Deaths In Prison Population – Two Years Prospective Study
Sachin S. Sonawane, S.D.Nanandkar
4 Pulmonary Function Tests In Obese Females
Somani Savita S., Mane Satish B., Handergulle Sunita M.
5 Oxidative Stress (FOX2) And Total Antioxidant Capacity (FRAP) In Relation To Microalbuminuria In Essential Hypertension
Nirupama Devi, Roma Rattan, Rasmita kumari Padhy , Srikrushna Mahapatra , Suvendu Sekhar Acharya
6 Estimation of foetal age from diaphyseal length of Humerus and Femur
Anjali Gosavi, Ashwini Jadhav
7 Integration of Evidence Based Learning with Problem Based Learning
Chinmay Shah, Dhaval Parmar, Hemant Mehta
8 Drug Utilization Study of Antenatal Care OPD In A Tertiary Care Hospital
T. R. Bagle, M.S.Baig, S.M. Doifode
9 An Assessment of Muscular Strength, Endurance and Power in Handball Players
Anil R.Waghmare, Karuna B. Gaisamudre , Anil K. Bondade
10 Effect Of Pheneramine Maleate On Epididymal Sperm Count And Motility In Male Albino Rats
Gajanan Kulkarni, Yogita Kulkarni, Mohammed Mateenuddin
11 Prevalence Of Byssinosis In Cotton Mill Workers
K. D. Garkal, Khole V. V., A.N. Shete3
12 A Study of Opportunistic Infections Amongst HIV Seropositives In A Tertiary Care Hospital
Umesh S Joge, Deepali S Deo, Sonali G Choudhari, Harshada M Ughade
13 Evaluation of ECG Changes in patient with ischemic heart disease posted for non-cardiac surgery
Alapure Ramakant G., Nikam G.K, Chauhan S.D., Sirsat Vinayak,Tarkase A.S., Deshpande S.D.
14 The Prevalence Of Hepatitis B Virus, Hepatitis C Virus & HIV In Chronic Liver Disease
Dhadke Shubhangi Vithal, DhadkeVithal Narayan, Nilesh B. Nagargoje, Milind B. Korade, Amit L.Chaudhari
15 Modified Essay Questions in Undergraduate Formative Theory Assessment : Our Experience
Nitin Nema, Kuldeep Singh
16 Case Report And Family Study Of Hemoglobin E Beta + Thalassemia Patient
M.S.Vasaikar, S.N.Kanthikar, S.S.Chavan, D.K.Shejwal
17 Sex Reversal Disorder In A Male With Infertility - A Rare Entity
Abeda I. Khan, Shabana Borate, Prasad Kulkarni, S.D.Gangane
18 Coincidental Occurrence Of Gastric Perforation In A Patient Posted For Orthopaedic Surgery On Operation Table- A Rare Case
Chauhan Shailendra D., Tarkase Abhimanyu S.
19 Quadripod Fracture: A Case Report
Bhaskar Khaire, Sameer Khaire, Kashinath Chaudhry, Vaishali Une, Dnaynoba Darade, Anant Bhosale
20 Congenital Cystic Adenomatoid Malformation – A Rare Malformation
Vijayalaxmi Gagandeep, Anitha
21 Variatons In The Branching Pattern Of External Carotid Artery
S. S. Porwal, V. P. Dahiphale, D. S. Joshi
22 Experience of managing a case of Gastroschisis
Vikram Hirekerur, S.V. Patil , Vikas Bhosale
23 Rupture Of A Hydatid Cyst Into A Biliary Radical - A Case Report
Chalapathy D.V., Ramesh Reddy G, Vikas S.R
24 Takayasu’s Arteritis – A Rare Case Report
S. A. Bolde, G.A.Pandit, Madane Rajendra B.
25 Bicornuate Uterus with Vaginal Delivery And Retained Placenta - A Case Report
Shaikh Arshad Rajmohammad, Sachin Bhavthankar, P. Sathyawatidevi
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