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Vol -IV | Issue 1 | Jan 2015

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1 Left Ventricular Diastolic Dysfunction In Pregnancy Induced Hypertension
Vikas Ratnaparkhe, Amit Bhangale
2 Study Of Lipoprotein Ratios For Predicting Risk Of Coronary Artery Disease in Overweight And Obese Subjects
Priyadarshini KS, Vittal BG, Varsha Mohan
3 Nuchal Translucency Screening: Need Of Time
Vaishali Korde-Nayak
4 Small Group Structured Oral Examination: Five Year Analysis of Innovation
Chinmay Shah, T C Singel, Daksha dixit, Mital patel, Dilip Gohil, Dharati Kubavat
5 Antibiotic Sensitivity Pattern Of Klebsiella Spp. In Akola
Rupali S Mantri, Nitin A Ambhore, Rajesh P Karyakarte, Sarika P Kombade
6 A Study Of Effect Of Sociodemograhic Factors On Son Preference Among Married Women Of Reproductive Age Group In An Urban Slum Community Of Maharashtra.
- Rahul Bedre, Y.B. Chavan, Harsha Solanki
7 Total Oxidative Stress In Preeclamptic Pregnancy; A Relationship With Paraoxanase 1 Activity.
- Swati Digambar Sawant, Mukund Ramachandra Mogarekar
8 The Importance Of Operation Notes, Post-Operative Instructions, Follow-Up Record & Patient Discharge Summary In The Event Of Litigation: A Case Citation
V. Ramachandiran
9 A Retrospective Study On The Effectiveness Of Therapy With And Without Oximes In Organophosphorus Poisoning
Pradip Pai Dhungat, Maya Pai Dhungat, Dilip P. Bhoge
10 Study Of Etiology And Management Of Benign Lesions Of Vocal Cord
- Anilkumar V.Doddamani, Sumanth Kanjikar
11 Clinical Evaluation OfAnalgesic Efficacy Of Intrathecal Fentanyl With 0.5% Bupivacaine In Patients Undergoing Caesarian Section
- Sonal A Chaudhari, Prashant J Pachore, Rajashree Virshid, Ganesh K Nikam
12 Early Diagnosis Of Dengue-Need Of The Hour
- Pooja. S. Deora (Kaswa), Manjushree. H. Bhalchandra, Vijay M. Mulay
13 A Cross-Sectional Study To Assess The Socio-Demographic Factors Influencing The Compliance Of TB Patients To DOTS Therapy Under RNTCP
- Ashok D Shelke, Harishchandra D Gore, M J Solanki, Pournima P Mitkari, Dilip S Rathod, P M Kesari
14 Study Of Perinatal Mortality Rate At Tertiary Care Hospital In Western Maharashtra
- Dhuldev S Thengal, Mangala A Shinde
15 Cadaveric Study Of Origin And Branching Pattern Of External Carotid Artery
- Veeramalla Lingaswamy, Surekha D Jadhav, B R Zambare, D Suseelamma, Mithil Potuganti
16 Facial Nerve Schwannoma - A Rare Cause Of Facial Palsy
- Ekhar V.R., Mahore D.M., Dukare P. M., Sakhare P.T., Bokare B. D., Gawarle S.H
17 Morphological Study Of Gastro Intestinal Lymphoma
- Maya T. Gaikwad
18 A Case Report Of Subungual Eccrine Poroma
- Manjusha Madhusudhan Litake, Murugappan N, Divya Murali
19 Bilateral Malignant Ovarian Tumour : Left Ovarian Primary And Right Ovarian Metastatic From Ca Cervix - A Case Report
- Ritesh Sulegaon, Dinesh Kulkarni
20 Cervicofacial Necrotising Fasciitis In Patient With Liver Cirrhossis
- Rajendra Waghela, PM Hippergekar, Sudhir Bhise
21 Chondrosarcoma- Is An Association Possible With Breast? A Case Report
- Sandesh Gawade, Sachin Naik
22 Solid - Pseudopapillary Neoplasm of Pancreas: An Unusual Case
- Limbachiya Pragnesh K, Jajee Ashwini B, Modi Kirti A, Pandya Neha A
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