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1 Multiple Logistic Regression Analysis Showing The Effect Of Risk Factors In Preterm Labour- A Hospital Based Case Control Study
Lata Mahadevan, Apurva Pawde, Ajay Tapnikar
2 A Comparative Study Of Intraocular Pressure In Ametropic And Emmetropic Subjects In And Around Raichur City
Roopa S.Mathapathi, R.H.Taklikar, Anupama Taklikar
3 Comparative Study of Safety and Efficacy of Low Dose Magnesium Sulphate Regimen versus Pritchard's Regimen in Eclampsia
Deshpande Sonali, Yelikar Kanan, Ashwin Kumar Sontakke
4 Sociodemographic Factors Affecting Anaemia in School Children in Rural Area
Vedpathak V.L., Kakrani V.A., Lakde R.N. , Deo D.S, Dahire P. L., Kadu A.S.
5 Histogenesis of Human Gastric Mucosa
Dhanwate Anant D., Shaikh S.I., Diwan C.V
6 Evaluation of Nitrate Reductase Assay For Antimycobacterial Drug Susceptibility Testing
Mangala Ghatole, Virendra Kashetty , Suresh Kandle, Chanda Vyawahare
7 A Study Of 100 Cases Of Ear And Nose Manifestations Of Head Injury
Anilkumar. V. Doddamani, Santosh Nagalikar
8 Clinical And Microbial Profile of Neonatal Sepsis at Tertiary Care Hospital, Aurangabad, Maharashtra
Manjushree H. Bhalchandra, Harish Ghogare, Anupama Wyawahare, Vijay M. Mulay, Vishwesh P. Bansal, Mangala P. Bansal
9 Psychotropic Polypharmacy at Government Tertiary Care Hospital, Nagpur, India: A Cross Sectional Study
S. A. Deshmukh, Teli Emaran, A. Saoji, M. Thakre. A.W. Patil
10 Variations of Suprascapular Notch of Scapula and Its Clinical Relevance
Gayatri S. Chakre, P. R. Kulkarni,W.F.Hiroli
11 Admission Test As A Predictor Of Foetal Outcome
Lakshmi B. Matagar
12 Comparative Study Of Anthropometric Measurements And Body Composition Of Volleyball Players, Basketball Players And Handball Players
Govind B. Taware, Milind V. Bhutkar, Praful A. Kamble,Anil R.Waghmare, Anil D. Surdi
13 Assessment Of Hepatoprotective Potential Of Turmeric Extract In Anti-Tubercular Drugs Treated Rats
Rakesh R Jadhav, Sudhir L Padwal, Vijay M Motghare, Vinod S Deshmukh
14 Subconjunctival Cysticercosis-A Case Report
Katti Trupti .V., Punyashetty Kajal B. , Mhetre Sagar C
15 Cataract Awareness -The Need To Spread The Right Message
Bandhu Seema, Raje Swati, Patnaik Bandana, Sambarey Prajakta, Walke Amol
16 Accessory Renal Arteries and Its Clinical Significance: A Case Report and Literature Review
Surekha D Jadhav, B R Zambre, Lingaswami Vermalla
17 An Unusual Extranodal Lymphoma in an HIV Patient-Primary Breast Lymphoma. - A Case Report
Sul Varsha G., Nakate Leena A., Ramteke Ravindra V., Ranade A. V
18 Amyand's Hernia: A Case Report
Vikas S.R, Chalapathy D.V.
19 Dyke-Davidoff-Masson Syndrome: A Case Report
Manish M.Tiwari , Amol Suryawanshi
20 Tumoural Calcinosis - A Case Report
Shrikant B Deshpande, P. B. Magdum
21 Giant Cell Epulis of Maxilla - A Case Report
Mangala Nagare, Sneha R. Joshi, Deepa Tekwani, Manjiri Kudrimoti, Janice Jaison, Parkash Patil
22 Variant Origin Of Testicular Arteries- A Case Report
J. E. Waghmare, B. R. Sontakke, P. Bokariya, A. M. Tarnekar, M.R. Shende
23 Mucocele At The Base Of Tongue: A Case Report
Sudhir Bhise, Prashant Hippargekar, Apurva Pawde, Rajendra Waghela
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