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Vol -III | Issue 2 | Jul 2014

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1 A Comparative Study Of Low Dose Magnesium Sulphate As A Prophylactic Agent For Eclampsia
Th. Netajini Devi, Sanaton Ahanthembi, H. Sanayaima Devi, K. Tomba Singh
2 Comparison Of Amniotic Membrane Transplantation With Conjunctival Autografting For The Treatment Of Primary Pterygium.
Suhas S. Sarawade, Shashank S.Ghawate, Pratik R.Vatkar
3 Ultrasonic Evaluation Of Patients With Clinical Suspicion Of Acute Appendicitis By Graded Compression Technique.
Deshmukh AS, Jadhav P.M
4 Effect Of Night Duty On Reaction Time In Clinical Residents.
Loya NS, Tambe AS
5 Dermatoglyphics In Patients With Sputum Positive Tuberculosis
Chakre G. S., Masaram N. B., P. R. Kulkarni
6 Care of Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury Patients in Rural Population of India.
- SR Bhajipale, J.Mothilal, SY Nandurkar
7 Primary Health Care approach for Management of Acute Respiratory Infections in Under - Five Patients Attending Urban Health Centre.
- Shubhlaxmi D. Kotnis, Prachi D. Sondankar, Anjali P. Kumavat- Shubhlaxmi D. Kotnis, Prachi D. Sondankar, Anjali P. Kumavat
8 Microbial Flora On Pens Of Dental Healthcare Professionals
Saxena R.K., Ashwini Bhosale, Ravi Shirahatti, Mukhit Kazi, Panchwadker D, Diwaney S, Ladkat S
9 Absence of the Palmaris Longus Tendon in Indian Population
Vrushali P. Karadkhelkar, Jyoti Gaikwad
10 The Study Of Pulmonary Function Tests In Cotton Industry Workers
S.D.Gundre, S.M. Handergulle, B.Balsubramaniam A.K., Bondade S.B., Mane S.S., Dhule S
11 Use Of Teaching Aids In Biochemistry: Other Side Of The Story.
Vittal BG, Priyadarshini KS
12 Dermatoglyphics In Idiopathic Epilepsy.
M.M. Peerzade, N.B. Masaram, S.P. Fulari, P.R. Kulkarni
13 Body Mass Index, Waist Hip Ratio, Lipid profile In Normotensive And Hypertensive Males.
Joshi Prema K., Handergulle S.M., Somani S.S
14 Quantitative Analysis Of Dermatoglyphic Pattern - In Carcinoma Of Breast Patients.
Gurude PV, Dhapate SS , Bahetee BH
15 Study Of Physical Fitness Index In Policemen In Dhule City
Shafique Ahmed Mundewadi, Girish Thakare, Sunil Gorane, Payal Agarwal
16 Improved Method for Bacteriological Diagnosis of Spontaneous Bacterial Peritonitis.
Chincholkar V V, Koticha A, Mehta P R
17 Multifocal Inflammatory Demyelinating Neuropathy: Lewis Summer Syndrome.
S LWakode, N D Barmate, S G Ramteke
18 Variation In Origin Of Testicular Artery: A Case Report And Embryological Review
Dahiphale V.P., Selukar M. S., Kulkarni P.R
19 Neurogenic Thoracic Outlet Syndrome With Gilliatt Sumner Hand - A Case Report.
Tamphaleima Kh, Naorem Bimol, Alex Thangjalet Touthang, G Sonachand , Y Nandabir Singh
20 Tuberculous Granulomatous Infection In Post Caesarian Wound - A Case Report.
Ritesh Sulegaon, Dinesh Kulkarni, Shashidhar Chulki
21 Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia - A Case Report.
Kugananthan Meera, Anbalagan.J, Sudha Rao, Mary , Hydrina D'silva, Sadeesh.T
22 Airwy Management In A Case Of Cystic Swelling At The Base Of Tongue
Ganesh Kishanrao Nikam, Alapure R G, Tarkase A S, Chaudhari Sonal A
23 Corneal Epidermoid - A Rare Case
Bhaskar S. Khaire, K.G.Choudhary, P.W. More, A. A.Ware, U.S. Khaire, Snehal P. Gade
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