NAIMS Organization for Advancement and Integration in Medical Sciences

Organization for Advancement and Integration in Medical Sciences

        Medical science is the most ancient, most studied and most vast science. For more than fourteen thousand known by-date diseases there are about six thousand different medications and 4 thousand surgeries and other operative interventions described to prolong the life, decrease the pain and stop the disease. It is treating doctor’s responsibility to use the correct resource remedy at appropriate time for individual patient. This requires profound knowledge and experience. There is no other industry other than medicine in the world making use of fourteen thousand different production lines. On the top of it there is constant improvement and development of new ideas, thanks to leaps of science. To be in the front line, the modern medicine should rightly avail the scientific knowledge and still better – it should be immediately involved in the scientific research. Presently both medical education and research shows extreme level of compartmentalisation because of specialisations and super-specialisation. The education and research in all the disciplines of medical sciences is isolated from one another.

        With this background the Organization for Advancement and Integration in Medical Sciences is committed for the integration in various disciplines of medical sciences both in education and research. Furthermore the basic medical sciences which give scientific foundation to the medicine as large are being neglected. The organization will promote all specialities of medical sciences to work together to give integrated medical education, carry out multidisciplinary research and ultimately deliver high quality health care.

        The Organization for Advancement and Integration in Medical Sciences intends to promote the integration medical education and multidisciplinary, integrated medical research to achieve high quality medical care.


  • To achieve the highest possible level in medical research, medical education -
  • To promote multidisciplinary medical research.
  • To enhance the integration in medical education.
  • To implement holistic approach in medical research, medical education and health care.


  • To publish a journal to promote multidisciplinary research and to give a platform for researchers from all the disciplines in medical sciences willing to share their work with other disciplines.
  • To conduct CMEs, workshops and conferences to promote the multidisciplinary research and to enhance the integrated medical education.
  • To organize guest lectures and CMEs for health professionals to introduce the holistic approach in medical health care.
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